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Components of the USMLE Preparation Program


Once you register for the USMLE preparation program, you will have access to the internal content on our moodle platform which includes

  • Names and contact details of other participants
  • Names and contact details of USMLE advisors
  • Suggested study plan (how much time to spend on each topic)
  • Suggested study material
  • Suggested topics for mini-presentations (see below)
  • FAQs

Information sessions

An information session will be held at the beginning of the summer semester presenting information about

  • the USMLE examinations
  • the MeCuM-International USMLE preparation program
  • the structure of the study periods
  • the application process and examination fees

Study periods

As outlined above, participants will have study periods of approximately

  • 3 months just before their final year rotations for Step 1 and
  • 1-2 months for Step 2 CK just after their final year rotations

These study periods will contain

  • private study with USMLE textbooks
  • working with online question banks
  • study groups meetings with presentations of high-yield topics


The application and overall preparation process for the USMLE is complex and may seem overwhelming. Therefore LMU students, graduates or residents who have taken the USMLE serve as advisors in the USMLE preparation program. Advisors can be contacted if serious problems or questions regarding the exam application or the overall preparation strategy arise.