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Clinical Case Discussion

In addition to the I-Courses and USMLE preparation courses, MeCuM-International is now pleased to offer a new program: the Clinical Case Discussion (CCD). This course is guided by an experienced physician and provides LMU students with an opportunity to apply existing scientific and medical knowledge to real-life clinical cases from the New England Journal of Medicine.

In a group of 15, students will present a case study in a standardized „American“ format. The group is guided through each component of the case by the student presenter, who facilitates the discussion.

Leading a case discussion is very different from giving a presentation. When giving a presentation, you engage your audience principally by “telling a story”. When leading a case discussion, you are obliged to interactively pose questions and discuss answers.

The CCD provides an opportunity to learn how to implement the steps of a real-life clinical decision-making process in the context of a small group. It also serves as an advanced preparation for an international elective.

To sign up for the CCD, please send an e-mail to

The e-mail should include a document listing your personal details (name, “Matrikel-Nummer” and MeCuM module), as well as a short letter of motivation.

CCD Research Project

This research project is designed to analyze the basic learning activities within the innovative CCD teaching format. This first characterization will lay the foundation for further studies in this field. A second general aim is to analyze the impact of the CCD format on the clinical reasoning skills of medical students.

In the research project, students develop skills in analyzing and discussing a real-life clinical case thoroughly. By doing so, students gain insight into the thinking-routines of physicians and learn how to apply clinical knowledge. The course also trains rhetorical skills, fosters the medical English ability and prepares students for electives abroad.

International Case Discussion Summer School

The second International Case Discussion Summer School (ICDSS) took place in September 2015. Application for the third ICDSS

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